Award-winning author enjoys his visits to the Bridgewater-Raritan schools

Award-winning author enjoys his visits to the Bridgewater-Raritan schools

Michael Patrick O’Neill has been under sea—-and at numerous schools across the country.

The award-winning underwater photographer and author made the rounds this week at various buildings in the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District.

On Thursday, March 30, his stop came at the Crim Primary School.

There he shared a fascinating video of the fishes and plant life that he captured while shooting pictures underwater.

He takes advantage of the surrounding body of water from his residency in Florida.

From there, he tours the country and shares his fantastic footage to attentive students and faculty at schools.

While his amazing photos grab the attention of his audience, he has taken notice of his hosts here in Bridgewater-Raritan.

“These kids from Bridgewater-Raritan are super and are bright,” Mr. O’Neill, who has been a photographer of the underwater for 30 years and an author of books for 20 years. “I go all over the country and there is a noticeable difference I see here (Bridgewater-Raritan).”

Once he concluded explaining  his mission, which included his role as a conservationist, and  flashed his attractive videos of his underwater footage, he touched again on his pleasant experiences in Bridgewater-Raritan. He had made his presentation the day before at the Adamsville Primary School after previously dropping by the Van Holten Primary School.

“These kids are all so well behaved. I go to some schools and it is like an animal house,” Mr. O’Neill revealed. “But these kids here are polite and a pure delight to be with.”

“And I really mean it.”

Crim Principal Kelliann TenKate and Crim Librarian Patricia Gray were delighted in his visit as well.

“Our kids were really engaged and asked questions,” Principal TenKate said. “This is the first in-person author we have had since I have been here (2019).

“He was outstanding. What fascinating pictures he showed,” Ms. Gray observed. 

Ms. Gray explained how Mr. O’Neill stopped by Crim.

“We saw emails sent around about him coming to other schools. It was a good choice that we invited him.”

He would agree to that  

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