To say that the last school year was a difficult one for most families would be a drastic understatement. Many students (and their parents) may already be feeling anxious about a return to school this coming fall.

This workshop, presented by licensed psychotherapist John Mopper, LPC of Blueprint Mental Health, will focus on ways parents can empower their children to face adversity and how, on the other end of adversity, comes joy and fulfillment.

Join this workshop to learn practical strategies to support your child’s transition back  to school and  discuss how parents can practice “self-care” while also addressing specific obstacles that may  arise.

Join us virtually with a Welcome Message from Mr. Robert Beers, Superintendent of Schools

Workshop Date: August 11, 2021

Time: 7pm

Webex Workshop Link: https://www.brrsd.org/about/calendar/event-detail/~occur-id/11286 

We invite your questions in the Q&A session following the workshop, or you can pre-submit any questions using the following link: 

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John Mopper, MA, LPC, is a licensed psychotherapist and along with his wife, is one of the owners of Blueprint Mental Health. John takes an eclectic approach to counseling, pulling from many different modalities and taking pride in being able to present complicated topics in an extremely relatable, real world approach. He has presented at over 50 schools across New Jersey-presenting to students, parents and professionals. As a BRHS graduate and resident of Bridgewater he always loves contributing to his community.

Taking on the New Year with a New Mindset