2021-02-02 Hybrid Program Update

Dear Parents/Guardians,
From the summer to the present, the district’s goal has been to move prudently toward a full day of instruction as well as more in-person instruction for those families who choose it. With three months of hybrid instruction complete, the district has now been focusing on how to improve and increase instruction, both virtually and in-person while maintaining the six feet of physical distancing outlined in the state guidelines.  After reviewing the data collected from our most recent parent surveys and based upon the collective input from our teachers and staff through School Pandemic Response Teams and Scheduling Committees at different levels, the administrative team is now ready to share what the instructional changes will look like in the upcoming weeks.
On 2/8 - Integrating HS Cohorts from A/B/C to A/B 

  • At the high school level, we have determined that it is possible to move from three in-person cohorts (A/B/C) to two in-person cohorts (A/B) without compromising any of our safety protocols. Since this change does not require significant preparation beyond notification of staff members and families, we plan for it to begin on Monday, 2/8/21.

Between 2/15 and 3/1 -Kindergarten 4 days/week

  • At the primary level, we have determined that in Kindergarten, it is possible to move from two in-person cohorts (A/B) to one in-person cohort without compromising any of the safety protocols. Some steps will need to happen before this change can be made effective and for that reason, it is planned to begin in mid-to late February.

On 3/1 - In-person Wednesdays

  • In-person Wednesdays will become part of our PreK-8 hybrid schedule; however, the transition for the district, schools, staff members, and families will be required so this change will take effect the first week of March.

No extension of the virtual learning day

  • There was general agreement that the extension of virtual instruction into the afternoon would not be best for our community. 

To assure a safe transition period, the district will be addressing our current cleaning protocols and making changes where necessary to comply with the safety guidelines outlined for all schools since the fall. As you are aware, at the start of our hybrid plan, we announced that a deep-cleaning of the classrooms would take place between Cohorts A and B on Wednesdays. Additionally, the custodial staff has been deep cleaning on Friday evenings between Cohorts B and A. At present, we have electrostatic backpack sprayers that have been used to disinfect spaces when an individual that was in that room tests positive or becomes symptomatic. In order to accommodate our transition from virtual Wednesdays to in-person Wednesdays, more of these electrostatic sprayers will be in each school and used in every room to disinfect each classroom in the evenings between cohorts.
As families of our students, we know that you have also adapted to the current schedule with virtual Wednesdays and there may be a need for some of you to make adjustments to this new schedule.  Our hope is that this advance notice will allow families the time to plan for this change as well.

As we prepare to increase in-person instruction over the next few weeks, included below is a graph that illustrates the district’s reporting of quarantine statistics from October to the present. The trend shows a gradual depression of cases since the holidays and it is our hope that with the continued vigilance of all stakeholders, this downward trend will continue. Please note that our spikes have come almost immediately after periods of time when people tend to gather and socialize, beginning with Halloween celebrations through the holidays. Recognizing that the Super Bowl traditionally presents another opportunity to gather, we encourage all individuals to continue to practice safe measures so that our opportunity as a school district to remain open is optimal.

Blue lined graph that illustrates the trend of quarantines from October to January