Welcome to 2021-2022 School Year

August 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians:

Welcome to Adamsville School and the 2021-2022 school year! We hope everyone enjoyed the summer months and we are excited to start the year. It was with great pleasure spending the summer months planning for in-person instruction five days a week. The district continues to work together with a focus on safety and instilling a lifelong love of learning in your child(ren). Please review some of our most recent updates and continue to check our website and read the school eblasts for information.


Bienvenido al año escolar 2021-2022

Estimados padres / tutores:

¡Bienvenidos a la escuela Adamsville y al año escolar 2021-2022! Esperamos que todos hayan disfrutado de los meses de verano y estamos emocionados de comenzar el año. Fue un gran placer pasar los meses de verano planificando la instrucción en persona cinco días a la semana. El distrito continúa trabajando en conjunto con un enfoque en la seguridad e inculcando un amor por el aprendizaje de por vida en su (s) hijo (s). Por favor revise algunas de nuestras actualizaciones más recientes y continúe visitando nuestro sitio web y lea los eblasts de la escuela para obtener información.


PowerSchool Parent Portal


Using the Parent Portal on PowerSchool provides Parents/Guardians with an additional method of communication with the school. More information on how to access PowerSchool will be sent by the central office. PowerSchool will be open for parent viewing by August 27, 2021.

Open House

Adamsville will be hosting an Open House, in-person for all students and one parent/per student, on Thursday, September 2, 2021. In order to maintain social distancing we have split the Open House in two sessions. You may enter through the main doors or back APR doors (shown on attached map or the link Open House Entrances) at the designated time. Staff members will be in the hallways to assist you. Please remember to wear a mask when entering the building. 


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Open House: student last name beginning with A-M

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Open House: student last name beginning with N-Z


Back to School Night


Adamsville School will host its annual Back to School Night virtually on Monday, September 13, 2021 starting at 6:45 PM. You will be able to meet your child’s teacher from the comfort of your own home. More information to follow. 


Weekly Adamsville Eblast

Information regarding upcoming programs, activities and events will be sent to you through a weekly eblast. Please check your inbox for information.


Adamsville PTO

The PTO partners with the school on programs and activities that support Adamsville’s goals. Please visit http://www.adamsvillepto.com/ for more information.


Parent Resources-Helpful Links

Many helpful resources are available for our parents/guardians on the district's newly redesigned website. Please visit https://www.brrsd.org/parents

Reporting Your Child’s Absence  

If your child is going to be late to school or absent for any reason, please notify the school using this link , send an email to Adamsvilleabsences@brrsd.org or call the Attendance Line at 908-526-6440 by 8:15AM. 

‘Bell’ Schedule

  • 8:25 AM - 2:55 p.m.  Instructional School Day

  • 8:25-8:45 AM is Homeroom:  Students are required to be in their homeroom by 8:35 AM everyday to meet for a morning meeting and attendance. 

  • 2:40-2:55 PM is End of the Day Closure: Teacher will be available to answer student questions at the end of the day.

Each day students will follow a daily schedule that will include at least one related art class (music, P.E., art, library, technology) and each of their core classes. Specifics about arrival and dismissal procedures will be sent at a later date. 


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


Please review the arrival and dismissal procedures. Both are attached for your convenience. 

AD Arrival and Dismissal Procedures 

AD Arrival and Dismissal Presentation


Message from the School Nurse related to Health and Safety


The following information is intended to educate students about good hygiene practices and to prepare all students for attending school confidently and safely.  These recommendations are in line with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for safely returning to school.  Please review this information with your child prior to the start of school.




Regular handwashing is the best way to remove germs, prevent the spread of germs to other people, and avoid getting sick yourself.  Viruses and bacteria can get on your hands when you touch contaminated surfaces or when you are around someone who is sick.  Germs can then enter your body when you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.  Your child should be instructed to:


  • Wash hands before leaving home in the morning.

  • Use hand sanitizer and rub hands for 20 seconds when soap and water are not available.  Follow the specific instructions on the sanitizer label.

  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose, or mouth throughout the day.

  • Wash or sanitize hands before eating, after using the bathroom, or whenever hands are soiled.

  • Cough or sneeze into the elbow or a tissue to reduce the spread of germs and follow-up by sanitizing hands.


Please click on the following links to review good handwashing practices including a great video reminder from Baby Shark for younger children.


Handwashing Steps

Did You Wash Your Hands?

Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark



Students are required to wear a mask on the bus and at school.  Masks should not be removed after getting off the bus outside of the school due to the difficulty of controlling social distancing while students are entering the school building.  It is important that students practice wearing a mask for longer periods of time NOW since they will be away from home for approximately 6 hours each in-school day.  The following are a few things that you can do to prepare your child for wearing a mask at school:


  • Face masks must cover both the nose and mouth.

  • Face masks may not be shared.

  • Face masks may not have a vent.

  • Face masks should be labeled with first and last name.

  • Cloth masks must be washed daily in hot water.

  • Three-ply surgical type masks or two-layer cloth masks have been shown to be best in minimizing viral spread through the mask.

  • Face shields are not permitted as a replacement for a face mask.

  • All requests for face mask exemptions must be submitted to the school nurse for review by our school physician.

  • Face masks, like other clothing worn at school, must be appropriate and adhere to the dress code.

  • Masks that are not acceptable: Vented masks, gaiter-type masks, bandanas, scarves, or a face shield without a mask.

  • Have multiple masks for your child so that you can wash them daily and have a back-up ready.  

  • Have your child practice putting on and taking off the mask while only touching the straps.

  • Provide your child with a container to store the mask when not wearing (e.g., when eating a snack).  


Please click on the following links to learn about wearing a facemask properly as well as tips for parents from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding face coverings for children.


Facemask Do's and Don'ts

Cloth Face Coverings and Mask Demo



Social distancing, or physical distancing, means keeping a safe space between yourself and other people who are not from your own household.  It is known that COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact (within 6 feet) for a prolonged period of time (10 minutes or longer).  Respiratory droplets deposited in the air after a person coughs, sneezes, or talks can be inhaled by other people nearby, potentially causing germs to spread.  While in school, students will be instructed to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other students and staff as much as possible.



Your child should stay at home if feeling sick.  Students will not be allowed to remain at school if any of the following symptoms are present:  fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath.  Other symptoms may warrant exclusion from school and will be at the discretion of the School Nurse.  In addition, if your child or any other member of your household tests positive for COVID-19, your child must stay at home even if not experiencing symptoms.  It is important to understand that the exclusion policy for illness is for the health and safety of all students and staff.


Please click on the following link for helpful ways to manage symptoms.


Managing COVID-19 Symptoms




  • Make sure that you update your contact information and provide a reliable, trusted emergency contact who will be able to pick-up your child promptly (within 30 minutes) if needed.

  • Talk with your child about how school will look different (e.g., desks spaced farther apart, teachers maintaining physical distance, eating a snack in the classroom, possibly less changing of classes, early dismissal).

  • Talk with your child often about how school is going and how your child is feeling.

  • Watch for behavior changes such as sadness, crying, worry, change in eating or sleeping habits which may be signs of stress and anxiety; reach out to your child’s teacher or counselor with any concerns.

  • Try to attend meetings with school staff when requested.

  • Be a role model for your child by taking care of yourself, wearing a mask in social situations, and practicing physical distance in group situations.


Please click on the following link for more information from the CDC about returning to school.


CDC Link 




IMPORTANT NOTE:  All requirements for vaccines and physicals remain the same this year for all students, including students who are attending our virtual school program.  The value of vaccines is even more important during this pandemic and will not be waived or extended for the current school year per the New Jersey Department of Health.  The Bridgewater-Raritan School District must comply with this state mandate, and therefore, appreciate your attention to this important matter.  


Also, please remember that flu season runs from October to May, with a peak from December through February.  It is highly recommended that your child get a flu vaccine this year to reduce the risk of becoming ill from COVID-19 and the flu virus at the same time.  Even mild respiratory symptoms, such as cough or congestion, will result in your child’s exclusion from school.  The flu vaccine may provide additional protection for potential co-infection, as well as reduce absences from school.


Please make sure that your child’s required vaccines are submitted to the School Nurse prior to the start of school.  Remember that updated vaccine records must be submitted for new students to our district as well as 6th grade students (Tdap and MCV4).  Your child will not be allowed to attend our in-school programs nor our virtual programs if vaccines are not up-to-date.  In addition, new students to the district must submit a current physical exam (completed within the last 365 days) within 30 days of enrollment.


NJ Vaccine Requirements


COVID Health Screening 21-22

Procedures this school year to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. These procedures have been reviewed by our local health official and will be in place as we begin our 21-22 school year.  In the event there is a change in our procedures due to the fluid nature of the pandemic, the district will communicate the changes.

Please continue to have your children wear the appropriate masks.  No mask with vents or gaiters should be worn. 

Parents will not be asked to complete a COVID screener in PowerSchool each day. We are asking that parents agree to monitor their child for any symptoms that are consistent with COVID 19 prior to sending them to school. Attached to this communication is the list of symptoms that are consistent with COVID 19 and when to keep your child home. In addition, the form includes information on close contacts that should also be monitored daily.

We ask that if you are keeping your child home due to symptoms consistent with COVID 19 or they meet the criteria as a close contact, that you contact Mrs. Sacco, Adamsville Nurse .  She  will be able to assist you with protocol.


If an unvaccinated student travels  outside of Pennsylvania, New York, or Delaware they will be asked to quarantine for ten days unless they receive a negative COVID test between days 3 and 5 after they return to New Jersey. If the test result is negative, the student’s quarantine period will be shortened to 7 days.  This includes all our students ,  vaccinations are only given to children over 12 year of age.


COVID- 19 Screening for Students

Parents/Guardians: Please Monitor your students each morning and report your child’s symptoms to the school nurse.  Please note we are following SYMPTOMS not DIAGNOSIS. I understand these symptoms could be symptoms of other illnesses but without testing we must follow only the symptoms your child is exhibiting.

Any of the symptoms below could indicate a COVID-19 infection in children and may put your child at risk for spreading illness to others. Please note that this list does not include all possible symptoms and children with COVID-19 may experience any, all, or none of these symptoms.

Please check your child daily for these symptoms:


Column A                                                                           Column B


Fever (measured or subjective)



Shortness of Breath

Rigors (shivers)

Difficulty Breathing

New loss of smell

Myalgia (muscle aches)


New loss of taste

Sore Throat


Nausea or Vomiting



Congestion or runny nose


Students who are sick (e.g. fever, vomiting, diarrhea) should not attend school in-person. If TWO OR MORE of the fields in Column A are checked off OR AT LEAST ONE field in column B is checked off, please keep your child home and notify the school nurse.

Section 2: Close Contact/Potential Exposure

Please verify if in the last 14 days:


Your child has had close contact (within 6 feet of an infected person for 15 or more minutes during a 24-hour period) with a person with COVID-19

Someone in your household is diagnosed with or being tested for COVID-19

Your child has traveled from any U.S. state or territory outside of New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware and is not otherwise exempt from quarantine under the [link DOH travel restrictions]

If ANY of the fields in Section 2 are checked off, contact the school nurse.

We look forward to a successful start to the new school year!   Welcome back! 



Dr. James Singagliese, Principal 








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