Trees on school grounds provided maple syrup to Adamsville students

Trees on school grounds provided maple syrup to Adamsville students

Adamsville Primary School students did not have to wander far to process maple syrup.

 Adamsville’s 4th Grade students participated in a hands-on learning experience with a maple sugar tapping project right there on school grounds. 

According to Dr. James Singagliese, the Adamsville Principal, the students, who were equipped with curiosity and enthusiasm, ventured outdoors daily to explore the process of tapping maple trees and extracting sap. 

With guidance from Science Coordinator and  Technology Teacher Daniel Richter, they learned about the intricate steps involved in turning sap into maple syrup, from identifying suitable trees to carefully drilling holes and collecting the sap. 

Through this immersive activity, students not only gained practical knowledge about the science of sap collection but also developed a deeper appreciation for nature and the environment.  

Principal Singagliese reported that he met with students weekly to check in on their progress as they cultivated teamwork skills and a sense of accomplishment throughout.  Students worked together measuring sap collection while monitoring daily temperatures which allowed the sap to flow.  

Students collected a total of 10 gallons of sap from just two  trees in four weeks then Mr. Richter safely processed the sap into 36 ounces of syrup at his home.   

 Ultimately, the maple sugar tapping project provides a memorable and educational experience that fosters a lifelong connection to both science and the natural world.  Each participating student was able to bring two  ounces of syrup home to their families at the conclusion of the project.

  The entire project will be on display at Adamsville’s 2024 STEM Fair on Thursday, May 16.