Morning Drop Off Procedures

One of our most serious concerns is the safety of our youngsters at Adamsville School, especially when children are arriving at school in the morning and being dismissed in the afternoon. Children are excited and anxious to meet with friends and often walk without due regard to traffic. To assist you in providing for the “safety of our children” please observe the following guidelines and enclosed schematic. 

The area labeled Pre-K is an area where parents with pre-school aged children may park their car while a school employee assists the child safely to exit the vehicle. 

Parents should not leave their vehicle.
The area labeled K-4 drop off is the area where cars should pull up as close to the black star labeled on the map. Starting at 8:20 A.M. students may exit the car from the passenger side, if the car is in the designated drop off zone. Once your child has safely exited the vehicle please follow the car in front of you to exit the back parking lot. Be mindful of the Adamsville staff that are directing traffic particularly by the crosswalk. If the STOP sign is raised do not continue to move your car closer to the crosswalk as students or parents may be trying to cross.

Adamsville Dropoff Procedure Map


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