Bike Show provided more than just stunts at Adamsville

Bike Show provided more than just stunts at Adamsville

A lesson on bike safety while being entertained by a show was the lesson that was learned—and enjoyed—by the Adamsville Primary School students on Tuesday, May 21.

A school assembly, coordinated by Adamsville Teacher Suzy Michaels, was held in the parking lot where Freestyle Connection put on an entertaining BMX Bike Show.

According to the energetic and dedicated Ms. Michaels, the show included positive messages on bicycle safety, healthy living choices, accomplishing goals, and character education.

“It was a great school-wide assembly that kept the students engaged while learning about bike safety, achieving life goals, and reminding them to never give up on their dreams when things get hard,” Ms. Michaels said.

She also spoke about the organizations that helped produce the event.

“Thank you to the Education Foundation of Bridgewater-Raritan and the Adamsville PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) for funding the assembly for our school.”

Ms. Michaels even got involved with the performance.

“I was even able to participate in one of the stunts where they jump over a couple of teachers with a bike,” she revealed. “It was scary but super fun and the kids loved it.”

Here is a link that explains Freestyle Connection and the events that it performs.