Adamsville's highly successful STEM Fair achieved new heights

Adamsville's highly successful STEM Fair achieved new heights

The exhibit at the Adamsville Primary School featured numerous projects—and even attracted a drone to shoot the entire field.

The Second Annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)  Fair was presented on Thursday, May 16, all day and through the evening in Adamsville’s gymnasium.

The spearhead behind this highly successful and attended affair was Dan Richter, the Science Coordinator at Adamsville.

Under his devotion and energy, 44 Adamsville students participated, and their works ranged from engineering and earthquakes to eco-friendly and environmental experiments.

Two gifted students, Samantha Coellar and Bree Sherrard, collaborated with Mr. Richter to create a Maple Sugar exhibition.

The gym was swarmed throughout the day and night.

“It was so nice to see how many families attended this event in large numbers, even those not participating in the fair, pausing the students' creativity and scientific curiosity,’ Mr. Richter declared.

At the conclusion of the fair, a drone operated by a friend of Mr. Richter flew over the projects inside the gym, a process that “provided students with a one-of-a-kind technology experience,’ Mr Richter said.

A Technology Teacher for a Day Raffle was held to add to this festive fair, which raised more than $150 to be presented to Adamsville’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

The link below lists the students who participated in the Adamsville STEM Fair


 STEM Fair student participants